Define Your Operating Plan

Do you have clarity on your strategic priorities, but need to translate that into a practical operating plan for your team to align around?

Our free webinar can get your started with this. For more bespoke support, we will support you through a joint working session with you and your team, to answer three key questions:


1. What are the capabilities you need to be truly differentiated in the eyes of your target clients?  (e.g. bespoke consultant training)

2. What operational processes are not differentiated, but nonetheless critical for your business? (e.g. invoicing)

3. What operational processes are neither differentiated nor critical? (e.g. GDPR compliance)

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In these working sessions, we use our consulting operations framework - The Key - to bring structure & rigour to your decisions.

This covers the four key elements you need to run a successful consulting firm:

1) Revenue Flywheel

2) Operations Management

3) Measurement

4) #OpsTech


Free download at the link below

Following the working session we will provide a detailed report outlining our recommendations. 

We can also, as an extension of the session or separately, help you identify technology options to automate processes or unlock new management insights - navigating the often over-whelming technology options that Google throws up

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We're always happy to chat! If you are wrestling with operational issues in your consulting firm then request a call and we'll help you figure out your options.