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We regularly run live webinars to help you figure out if consulting is a good option for you. Click here to see upcoming dates & register.

Join us to learn what consulting is, why it's a great choice when you leave the military, and why consulting firms love service leavers.

"Absolutely fantastic session - pitched at just the right level to really let people engage and take in the info. I'm a fan!"

- Dom Hill, The White Ensign Association

In the live webinars we answer three questions:

1. What actually is consulting? - We'll explain the basics of the industry, and the types of problems that consultants solve for their clients

2. What is life like as a Consultant? - We'll explain how it feels to be a consultant, what a typical week in a typical project is like, and go through some real case studies of projects we've done

3. Why does consulting suit service leavers? - Consulting firms find service leavers have many attributes and skills they need - we explain what these are, and why firms will value you

There will also be plenty of time for Q&A, and more information on our courses and free guides - created to help you decide if consulting is the right choice for you after the military.
Endex is brought to you by Honeycomb PS Ltd. Honeycomb was founded by Deri Hughes in 2018 to help consulting firms develop and train their people. We run a range of different in-person and online training courses, including the EndEx courses.
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