How We Work

We’re not your usual business support service.

We understand the unique talent, client, and culture challenges of running a firm like yours. Instead of focusing on a single service like finance or recruitment, we bring together all the support functions you need, creating a package that works for you. Your package can include a mix of finance, HR, graduate recruitment, training, marketing, IT, office management, executive assistant (EA) and team support.

Whatever operational support you need, we have the right skills.

Rather than hiring one generalist finance or HR manager and expecting them to cover a very broad remit, we can give you access to the specialist expertise you need on a flexible basis. This might include light-touch office management, monthly management accounts, our outsourced slide production service, or a project to define your marketing strategy.

You can access our support in a variety of ways, depending on what suits you.

And if the support you need changes as your business grows, that’s fine too. We can scale your support to fit your needs. Let’s look at some examples of how this works with our existing clients.

Retainer model

The founder of an analytics consultancy came to us as he was struggling to find the time to hire and manage the right part-time operational support as his business grew. We agreed a fixed-fee monthly retainer to provide office management, finance, and EA support – all with senior oversight. This gives him cost assurance and frees up his time to focus on managing his business. As the firm grows, our support will too.

Advisory services

Our client approached us following a period of rapid growth. They’d suddenly found themselves with a large team and needed structured talent management processes put in place – career paths, role descriptions, review and promotion processes. With the right mix of HR and consultancy expertise, we were able to design a solution that works for their business, and then manage their ongoing processes.

Digital tools

A key enabler of our other services

Our very simple web-based resources are designed specifically for professional services firms. These complement our operational support and advisory services and enable a smooth interface between our team and yours.

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