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Not sure if consulting is right for you after the military?
Finding out what it's really like to work as a consultant isn't straightforward.
There are so many firms out there, so many different types of work that seem to be called "consulting". Not to mention figuring out why your experience is relevant to a consulting firm!

Even once you're sure that consulting is right for you, there's still a lot to understand.

- How should you apply to your perfect firm so you get past the CV filter?

- What preparation do you need to do for interview?
- How will you be successful from day one when you do get the job?
- Can you even sell consulting work?!

We've been where you are, so we know it's tough.


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"I thoroughly enjoyed the EndEx course. Colin and Deri provide an all you can need guide into consultancy for any service leaver. From as little as three years of experience in the military I finished the course feeling prepared and having a clear plan of how to get a career in consultancy"
Meghan Higgins, Royal Navy - Junior Warfare Officer
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Colin Mann

Deri Hughes

After a decade of service as an Air Engineer Officer, Colin left the Navy in 2009 to join PwC. He spent 9 years at PwC, running client projects and leading recruitment and talent management for his division. 

Based in Melbourne, he now leads the Australian arm of a high growth technology consulting firm.

Deri spent 6 years at leading strategy consultancy Bain & Company, managing many consulting projects and leading graduate & MBA recruitment. He has since focused on boutique consulting firms, interviewing 100s of consulting candidates over 15+ years. In 2020 he founded Explore Consulting, to help people get new consulting jobs.

Endex is brought to you by Honeycomb PS. Honeycomb was founded by Deri Hughes in 2018 to help consulting firms develop and train their people. We run a range of different in-person and online training courses, including the EndEx courses.
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