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Honeycomb's Flexible Working Policy

Flexible working is absolutely central to our business. We are on a mission to prove that flexible support services can unlock rapid growth for our professional services clients. As such, getting great people in and working flexibly is a huge focus for us.

I've defined three core flexible working principles:

  1. Our team each takes responsibility for certain tasks, outputs, and client services. We all commit to delivering these responsibilities to the best of our ability, on time, with consistently high quality – we cannot achieve our goal without this

  2. Each individual should have the freedom to deliver against those responsibilities in a way that works for them and their outside lives

  3. Each team member can count on the support and respect of the rest of the team when making decisions about when and where to deliver against their responsibilities

What does this mean in practice?

We don't use terms like "part-time". We scope out roles with a target number of hours per week (which informs things like salary levels). We then simply ask everyone in our team to agree a working pattern that enables them to get the job done whilst managing the rest of their life - which days, which hours each day, and when they need to work from home. This includes which days they can travel to clients, and which days they can't.

Wherever possible, we agree to these requests - as long as we believe they can still deliver the things they've committed to deliver. We've invested in the tools to enable people to work productively when we're not in the same room, and we will continue to invest in training to help the team. Most importantly, we actively encourage everyone to have interests outside work. I firmly believe that this will reap huge benefits for our clients, and ultimately a happy team with happy clients will make us successful.

To make this easier for people, we have a few simple rules. For example, our core office hours are 9.30am to 2.30pm (I've got four kids so I understand the pressures of the school run!) This means that anyone working that day will normally be in the office then, unless they are seeing clients. That lets us have productive, focused time together as a team and enables everyone to plan accordingly.

We are transparent about our approach to flexible working. Our policy is openly published on our website, to help people decide if Honeycomb is the right place for them. We also ask people to commit to a working pattern for at least a month at a time, so that the rest of the team know when and where they are due to be working.

We are a young business and our approach will evolve over time, but we are committed to creating jobs that work for our people, however they want to work. Send us a message if you're interested in joining the team.

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