Who We Help

Honeycomb focuses on working with small to medium professional services firms.

Larger companies have their own teams to take care of functional support. They have finance departments, HR teams, learning and development specialists… the kind of support that founder-led professional service firms haven’t had access to, until now.

Work with Honeycomb, and get your time back.

We believe you should be focused on your clients, your unique ideas, and your talent. With our support, you can free up the time you’re spending on business admin, creating value for you and for your clients.

Small is beautiful

Being a small setup, we can really get to know you and your business, so we design the right solutions for you. And you can really get to know and trust us.

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Honeycomb Philosophy

As the leader of a professional services firm, your business success relies on ...

Your IP

Your Talent

Your Clients

Your Culture

All other activities should be regarded as non-core

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