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Become the best consultant you can be

Solve problems with structure and creativity.

Build trusted relationships.

Give clients the confidence to take tough decisions, and help them get results.

Explore our consulting skills training courses.

Our training community consists of experienced management consultants with a passion for lifelong learning and developing others.

We collaborate, coach, and share our experiences to help each other. 

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We are a community of expert management and strategy consultants, here to help you develop the consulting skills you need.

We deliver in-depth consulting skills training courses and standalone training sessions. Learners rate their experience >9 / 10 on average (from over 600 ratings).

Our Consulting Skills Accelerator helps consulting firms figure out what they need to be good at, and then how to quickly develop those skills.

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Simon Brown
Opal Rail
“The most invaluable thing about the Honeycomb training was the practical toolkit.

I've already seen positive changes from implementing the methodologies over the last couple of months.”
Francisco Siro
Sagentia Innovation
“We saw a major difference after our Senior Consultants & Managers had done the High Impact Delivery course.

Their reports were clearer, simpler, and presented with much more confidence.”
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Consulting Skills Accelerator
Our tried & tested 4-Step Consulting Skills Accelerator

We apply a systematic approach to get clear on what skills you need to deliver your strategy, define what good looks like, and then design a Development Engine to help your people fulfil their potential.

Accelerating development can enable >£500k of incremental margin per person, whilst improving retention and helping your senior team focus on what they do best.
Consulting Skills Acclerator
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