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Core Consulting Skills: Create More Value, Faster

Consulting is a demanding job. Clients want you to solve their toughest problems and do it quickly.
The best consultants rely on a toolkit of Consulting Skills.

Learn from our experienced consultants to solve problems faster, build trust from day 1, and have more impact with your clients.

⬇️ Learn what skills consultants need & get info on Honeycomb's Core Consulting Skills course ⬇️


Effective consultants do three things well:

1. Find answers to difficult problems

2. Build trust with other people

3. Convince clients to take action

Our trainers help you accelerate these skills, with proven frameworks, real-world case studies and lots of personalised feedback & coaching. And we make our sessions fun!

We are all active consultants, each with at least 10 years at the coalface of client work. We bring experience from working with firms such as Bain & Company, McKinsey, PwC, and EY, as well as many of the world's fastest growing boutique specialists.

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Laura Welsh
Chief People Officer
“The Core Consulting Skills training is a key programme for our new starters at IMPOWER.

It enables them to hit the ground running with the fundamental skills they need as consultants.

Honeycomb's trainers have loads of experience and make the sessions fun, interactive, and impactful.

We’re delighted to have them coming back for more sessions.”
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Core Consulting Skills: Course Contents

We put a major focus on ensuring our learners find our courses relevant to them. It's important that you can take what you've learnt and put it into practice immediately.

This is why we typically run programmes for single-firm groups with bespoke case studies based on their real client work.

Our Core Consulting Skills course introduces simple but powerful frameworks with role-plays & exercises to prepare learners for a final 'client meeting'. They put their new skills into practice and get direct, personalised feedback to help build self-awareness.

We also include follow-up sessions as standard, a few weeks after the course completes. These ensure that the skills we teach are having immediate impact in your client work.

Module 1
Structured Problem Solving

One of the primary ways consultants help clients is by solving difficult problems. Consultants use structuring to do this - defining the problem with precision, identifying the things that influence the answer, then putting them together in a logical, clear structure. Getting a good structure defined up front is the key to coming up with relevant, clear answers for your client. It is also the secret consultants use to solve problems efficiently - being more helpful, in less time. Structuring is the #1 tool consultants use to create massive impact for clients when time and resources are tight. In this module we cover: 1. The Consulting Case Process 2. Defining a Useful Question 3. Structuring a Solution 4. Developing a Testable Hypothesis

Module 2
Building Trust with Clients

Consulting is all about helping clients make decisions. Helping them decide to change something, or to do something differently. To make decisions with confidence they must trust you and your recommendations. Trust is a function of four things - how credible you are, how reliable you are, how well you connect on a human level, and how much you genuinely care about helping the other person. This module is about making human connections with clients. Putting yourself in their shoes to figure out how you can best help them. Get ready to take a deep look at how you personally interact with other people. In this module we cover: 1. The Trust Equation 2. Meeting Preparation 3. High Gain Interactions 4. Role-Plays & Practice

Module 3
Crafting Compelling Stories

Writing compelling content with clarity is a key skill for consultants. One that is often overlooked, with the focus on analysis, slides, and presentation skills. But stories matter. Without a strong narrative your clients may find it harder to understand, remember and act on your recommendations. And a strong story is the backbone of your recommendation. Everything else hangs off it. This module is all about how to craft compelling storylines, following our battle-tested approach. In this module we cover: 1. The Goal of Consulting 2. Introduction to Data Storytelling 3. Killer Key Messages 4. How to Hook Your Audience

Module 4
Convincing the Client to Take Action

The goal of every consultant is to help clients take action. To move forwards, with confidence. This often means running effective meetings, supported by strong materials. This module is all about practicing for that - building compelling slides, and running a convincing meeting. In this module we cover: 1. The 4 Slides You Need 2. Strong Slide Design 3. Client Meeting Role-Play & Feedback 4. Looking Forwards - SMART Actions

Would your team benefit from Core Consulting Skills training?
Here's the detail on costs and how we work with you to deliver a learning experience that leaves lasting impact.
Our Pricing
Our fees split between Content Development and Training Delivery. Once we’ve discussed the outcomes you want and the budget you have we’ll send over a precise quote.

Content Development is a one-off cost that is typically £5 - 15k + VAT. This covers creation of a bespoke case study that runs throughout the course and makes it highly relevant to your learners. We also develop new role-plays and exercises that align with exactly what your team needs to work on.

Some clients choose adjustments to our core content e.g., adding content on creative problem-solving, or optional modules on project management or personal growth.

Training Delivery is charged on a per-cohort basis, and is typically £6 - 10k + VAT per cohort. Costs vary depending on how many trainers are needed. We operate on a maximum of 6 learners to 1 trainer, to enable highly personalised feedback and coaching during the sessions. There are also some differences for virtual vs in-person delivery that we would discuss with you.
Our Process
Once we've discussed your training needs (you can book a no-obligation intro call with Deri here📞) we'll send through a detailed proposal and final costs.

From there we do three things:

Content: Finalise the outcomes you want and the modules we'll train your team on. In parallel we work with members of your senior team to develop the bespoke case study that will run throughout the course.

Logistics: Agree delivery dates. For in-person sessions our Core Consulting Skills course typically runs for two consecutive days, or two days a week apart. When delivered virtually we ideally run 3-4 hour sessions each week for 4 weeks, but these can be up to a month apart.

Contracts: We send a simple engagement letter covering what we've agreed. We require Content Development fees to be paid in advance, and Training Delivery fees to be paid before the first session.
Shortly before the first session we'll be in touch with your learners to give them access to the frameworks and core concepts we'll be sharing, confirm logistics and give them chance to ask any questions.
Pricing & Process
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