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Accelerate your consulting skills

We run training courses on consulting skills. That's our bread and butter.


Whether you are new to consulting or have a few years' experience we can help you accelerate your consulting skills.

Our flagship course for those new to consulting.


In two days you'll learn the secrets of top consultants:

  • Solve difficult client problems

  • Build trust with clients and teams

  • Create memorable recommendations that your clients act on

Simple but powerful frameworks. Role-plays. Practical exercises.

Personalised feedback & coaching from our world-class trainer team.

For anyone with 4+ years of consulting experience and ready for the next level.

A three day course that builds skills in:

  • Creative problem solving

  • Understanding & connecting with clients

  • Telling powerful stories

  • Creating memorable visuals

  • Running engaging meetings that result in bold decisions and clear actions

Our trainers help you build confidence with our tried-and-tested toolkit for making major impact with clients.

"I would definitely recommend the Core Consulting Skills Bootcamp.

There was some great content but also the opportunity to practice the skills/tools learnt, in a "safe" environment.


There was a good balance of experience, ideas and feedback from both trainers I learnt so much!"

"I enjoyed the course!


All the trainers were very engaging and provided useful insights.

The content was very useful and well explained.


We got a lot of feedback on slides and our presentation style"

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Situational Leadership

Fully updated for 2022, The Resilient Consultant is a powerful journey into self-awareness led by Deri Hughes.


Learn how to recognise & manage your own stress. Build stronger, more authentic relationships. Get access to Deri's Resilience Toolkit - practical ways to manage your own resilience. 

New to managing a consulting project team?

This one-day session will equip you with the skills to get the most out of your team.

We cover allocating tasks to team members appropriately; adapting your leadership style to their needs; coaching effectively; and handling difficult feedback situations.

Thinking about resettling from the military into a consulting career?

With Colin Mann (ex-Royal Navy Engineer & PwC Director) we have developed resources to help you!

  • Free guides to finding a consulting job & making the most of your military skills

  • Regular free webinars

  • Free & paid courses to build your consulting knowledge

Tim Troy talks about his experience on the Resilient Consultant course

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If you are thinking about how best to accelerate the development of your team then Deri can help you get clear.


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