Our services

We help you optimise your consulting firm operations. We do this on three levels:

  1.  Help you figure out the things your team need to be brilliant at to deliver your vision - through free webinars, or via facilitated workshops;

  2.  Develop the skills of your senior team as leaders, consultants and operators - through our training programmes and 1-2-1 coaching support;

  3.  Help run your business with our Finance, HR, and Office Management experts, and through our recruitment platform Explore - built exclusively for boutique consulting firms

strategy consultant training


Do you have clarity on your strategic priorities, but find your team can get distracted by admin tasks and less critical issues? We can help you create a practical operating plan that gets everyone in the business fully aligned on building the critical capabilities you need to realise your vision.


Our free webinar can get your started with this. Or, click below for details of how we guide you to create YOUR optimal operating plan.


technology for consulting firms


Do you have a structured training programme in place for your Partners and Managers? Does your senior team have access to experienced coaches or mentors to help them manage tricky situations?


Honeycomb's training programmes and coaching services are designed specifically for consulting firm leaders, and delivered by experienced consultants.

consulting operating model


We believe that consulting firm leaders should be focused on their team, ideas, culture and ultimately their clients. Operational processes should run smoothly in the background without you needing to worry about them.


We support growing consulting firms with Finance, HR, and Office Management processes - delivered as a retained, outsourced, service Our recruitment platform, Evolve, has been developed exclusively for boutique consulting firms - giving you access to a much broader talent pool than you can attract with your in-house resources.

To help you find the talent you need, our recruitment platform - Explore - has been developed exclusively for boutique consulting firms. We give you access to a much broader, pre-screened, talent pool than you can access with your in-house resources

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We're always happy to chat! If you are wrestling with operational issues in your consulting firm then request a call and we'll help you figure out your options.