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We run training courses. That's our bread and butter, but it's not enough. We believe in thinking strategically about the skills you need and then putting in place the right processes, systems and - of course - training to develop them. Only then can you achieve Accelerated Development.

Our methods can deliver major financial impact. As an independent you can command higher day rates or sell big ticket projects. Within a firm, your people will develop faster, get promoted faster and manage junior colleagues earlier. There are no quick fixes for skill development but over 5-6 years this can deliver £2m+ incremental profit for a 20 person boutique consulting firm.

We offer two main services:

  1.  For consulting firms: Help you figure out the things your team need to be brilliant at to deliver your vision. We start from what you're trying to achieve - your big ambition - and make sure that translates all the way through to the day-to-day skills of your team;

  2.  For anyone who values consulting skills: Develop your consulting skills - we run high impact experiential training courses and provide 1-2-1 coaching support. We get great feedback from learners at boutique consulting firms, independent consultants, and others who value consulting skills in their corporate roles.

We also have a range of resources specifically for military leavers considering a move into consulting. These were co-developed with Colin Mann, ex-Royal Navy and PwC Director. Click here to access our EndEx pages.

strategy consultant training


Your consulting firm has a clear vision. You know what your commercial priorities are and which problems you solve, for which clients. But translating that into crystal clear expectations for your team can be difficult.


Our tried & tested Accelerated Development approach can solve this for you. Through a series of workshops with your senior team we get to clarity on what your team need to be great at, and design the processes to help them develop rapidly.


This can have major financial impact - if you're a 20 person boutique firm today you could generate up to £2m more profit over the next 6 years.


technology for consulting firms


Our community of experienced consultants all have a passion for developing others. That's why we're here.

We run established courses for those new to consulting (Core Consulting Skills), those with some more experience (High Impact Delivery), and those starting to lead others (Situational Leadership).


We also recognise consulting can be a challenging career. We developed our cohort-based Resilient Consultant course to help consultants with a powerful toolkit for setting boundaries, self-awareness and personal growth.


Our courses are highly interactive, hands-on, and always delivered by experienced consultants who know what it's like at the coal face. We work with you to design bespoke case studies that reflect the work your teams actually do day to day.

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