A consultant's time is the most valuable asset they have. Developing core consulting skills quickly makes the most of that time.

On this page: Learn the skills new consultants need + get info on Honeycomb's Core Consulting Skills courses

Finding great consulting talent for your team is tougher than ever at the moment. And once you've hired them, you need to keep them!

They won't stay if you're not helping them develop.

You can let your people just learn on-the-job, but that isn’t likely to be ideal for them, for your clients, or for your business.


We run scheduled programmes in Central London - ideal for you to send 1-2 delegates to, along with people from other firms. [Note that during the coronavirus pandemic these are unfortunately on hold].


For larger groups we can also run on-site tailored training sessions just for your team. Click below to see details of our scheduled training sessions.

For individual skill development, we have a growing library of online training courses.

Developed & delivered by Deri and other expert consultants. These courses are perfect for self-directed learning and in-depth study of specific skills.

Deri takes on a select number of 1-2-1 business coaching relationships with Partners, Managers and Operations Directors of boutique consulting firms. To see if you are eligible, please take the short quiz below 

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