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Consulting Skills Accelerator - add £500k per person profit to your consulting firm

Free Webinar

Friday, 7 June 2024

11:30 am

A professional services business lives and dies on the quality of the people who work there. You put a ton of effort into hiring great talent. That's essential.

But did you know that boutique firms that get to world-class in their skill development systems can see 7-figure profit growth as a result? Great talent alone isn't enough - you need them to build skills fast too.

You have a vision for your business, and a strategy to achieve it. To deliver that strategy you need a highly skilled team – and the faster they can develop their skills, the sooner you’ll reach your goals.

This is where consulting skills acceleration comes in. In this webinar our Managing Director, Deri Hughes, will be sharing our tried and tested approach to identify the skills you need and design the processes that will develop your people at pace.

He’ll explain how skill development translates directly to faster profit growth. He’ll also give you a practical 4 step guide to making this work:

- How to identify the critical skills you need to realise your strategy
- How to give your team the clarity they need to manage their own development
- How to design efficient and transparent decision-processes for reviews & promotions
- How to enable flexible career paths that work for your people AND your business

If you want to help your firm retain your best people, develop them faster, and generate more profit then don’t miss out - register below to secure your space today.

We’ll be saving time at the end for a live Q&A.

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