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Who we help

Honeycomb works exclusively with the leaders of boutique consulting firms. Founders, Partners / Managing Directors, and Operations Directors.


We are experts in consulting, combining experience from leading large firms such as Bain & Company with best practices from dozens of smaller firms we've supported over the years.

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What we do 

We help you to unlock growth by optimising your operations.

We do this on three levels:

1) Helping your figure out the things your team need to be brilliant at to deliver your vision - through free webinars, or via facilitated workshops;

2) Helping develop the skills of your senior team as leaders, consultants and operators - through our training programmes and 1-2-1 coaching support;

3) Helping run your business with our Finance, HR, and Office Management experts, and through our recruitment platform Explore - built exclusively for boutique consulting firms

What results we can give you

We believe you should be focused on your clients, your unique ideas, and your team.


To do that, you need to prioritise where you spend your time, and have access to the expertise your business needs to run effectively.


Working with Honeycomb gives you greater clarity of focus, improved skills through our 5-star rated training sessions, and more efficient and effective operations processes - from laptop management to management accounts.


"Honeycomb's support has given me a chunk of my life back. They've been really valuable for our business"

We can help you optimise your operations in three ways...

Define your operating plan

Translate your ambition into specific operational priorities. Identify the few things your team need to be brilliant at to drive your differentiation. Our structured approach gives you laser focus on what really matters.

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Build your capabilities

 Our training programmes help your team develop consulting skills mastery. Through our coaching & mentoring services, your senior team have access to external experts and objective guidance.

Outsourced operations support

Outsource your Finance, HR or Office Management processes to our experienced team. We deliver efficient, high-quality support through an enduring partnership that helps your business thrive. Or find great new talent through our recruitment platform, Explore - exclusively for boutique consulting firms.

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