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Delivering great outcomes rests on developing great people

Delivering great outcomes for your clients is fundamental to building a consulting firm. And delivering great outcomes rests on developing great people. 


Consultants continue to develop their skill set throughout their career, so we train at all levels - from Analyst to Partner. Central to our Client Delivery Skills Training is a focus on building trusted client relationships.

Training your team is also an investment in your firm. Our courses get your team up to speed quickly and able to deliver excellent results for your clients. They are able to produce outputs that are ready-to-go and this frees up senior time to focus on growing and running the firm. 

Client Delivery Skills Training Modules


​Consulting 101

  • Definition of consulting

  • Consulting clients and what they care about

  • Best-practice consulting case processes to maximise return-on-effort and make your clients feel special

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Structured Problem Solving

Problem Solving


  • Defining your client’s big question

  • Structuring & driver trees (80/20)

  • Hypothesis Development

  • Research & Analysis techniques

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Creative Problem Solving

Problem Solving

  • Ideation toolkit: 12 tools to think differently

  • Five lenses workshop

  • Tackling unconscious beliefs

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Narrative & Storytelling

Narrative & Storytelling

  • Neuroscience of influence

  • Convincing decision makers

  • Structured stories: leading with answer & making it clear

  • Narrative-led stories: engaging & memorable

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Visuals &

Visuals & Slides

  • Slide design principles

  • 2 types of chart

  • Pre-attentive response & memorable visuals

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Client Interactions

Client Interactions

  • The Trust Equation

  • Building Trust Toolkit: First introductions, high gain questions, active listening, and more

  • Make It Special Toolkit: 50+ ways to improve client experiences

  • Handling client requests and scope creep

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Successful Meetings

Successful Meetings

  • POST: Purpose, Outcomes, Structure, Timing

  • Audience Assessment

  • Openers & Presentation Skills

  • Workshop Facilitation

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Client Management

Client Management

  • Ceremonial moments: Client kick-offs & SteerCo meetings

  • Effective client 1-2-1s

  • Influencing individuals and groups

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Case Studies

Channel 3 logo

Channel 3 are a digital health consultancy, empowering health agencies to harness digital innovation. They are undergoing rapid growth and transition from project implementation to advisory-led engagements. 

Channel 3 had 40 learners, ranging from new Graduate hires to experienced Principal Consultants. The team had a mix of consultancy, project management, and clinical backgrounds and they wanted core consulting skills training. 

Working with Channel 3 we identified the primary skills gaps to be;

- Structured problem solving,

- Building narrative, slide design and crafting recommendations,

- Relationship building and becoming a trusted advisor. 

BetMGM logo

BetMGM are an online casino and sports betting service. They are $1.5bn joint venture-owned by MGM Resorts (Fortune 500) and Entain (FTSE 100). 

BetMGM have a 20-person data analytics team led by a Data Science expert. None of the team has previous consulting experience. They must align with multiple functions across their business, from Marketing to Revenue Protection. 

Working with BetMGM we identified the primary skills gaps to be;

- Understanding business question and context, 

- Supporting decisions with recommendations, not just data,

- Slide design and visuals,

- Becoming a trusted internal advisor. 

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Our Approach

We consistently receive excellent feedback ratings from clients, and we know why. If you work with us you will benefit from:


1.  Our extensive library of consulting skills training modules from which we develop tailored courses to target your needs.


2.  Case studies developed specifically for your firm to provide the basis of your training exercises and role plays.

3.  Training delivered by our seasoned consultants who bring relevant industry experience and understand the demands your team are facing.

4.  Relevant, accessible, practical, and engaging content with our support and expertise to ensure it has lasting impact.





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